Tips for Choosing Curtains for Your Home

Curtains add a lot to a room. They give windows an attractive finished look, they add color and interest to the room as well. The right curtains will enhance the room. Read on for tips on choosing curtains in Singapore that will add beauty and functionality to any room.


  • Light, sheer fabrics provides an airy look to the room, they let in natural sunlight and are perfect for any room where you want a casual look.
  • Heavier fabrics are more substantial and are good for rooms where you want a more formal feel.
  • Room darkening fabrics are the choice for rooms where you want to keep the natural light out. Those who work at night often opt for these types of curtains in the bedroom.

Solids or patterns

Whether a homeowner goes with a pattern on their curtain or a solid curtain, depends on the look they want to convey. A patterned curtain stands out more and attracts more attention. While a solid color curtain tends to blend into the background. If you want to make your windows a focal point, opt for an interesting pattern. However, be warned that you may tire of a pattern quicker than you would a solid color, so be prepared to change them out more often.


Light colored curtains make the space look larger and more open. Dark colored curtains give the room a more intimate, cozy look. Therefore, if your room is small and you want to give it the appearance of being more spacious, go with a light color. If you have a large room and you want it to appear more warm and inviting, opt for darker colors.


Measuring is an important part of the curtain buying process, but many homeowners use this number as a guide. Hang rods about the frame of the window, and let curtains hang well below the windowsill to make windows appear larger.

Have fun choosing curtains, they are a wonderful way to add to any room. Choose a few pairs and change them out as the mood strikes. Keep the above tips about fabric, size, and color in mind to make choosing the right curtain a snap.