Questions to Consider when Buying a Fireplace

Most real estate agents know that fireplaces are extremely popular for homes today. Buyers love the look and warmth these units provide. If a homeowner likes the look and idea of a fireplace and is considering installing one, there are several questions they should consider first. Some of the most important questions are found here.

How much construction is the homeowner willing to undergo?

A wood fireplace will require a chimney and in many cases, involve specific zoning codes when being installed. A gas fireplace is able to be vented or non-vented, and usually, require less construction than a wood fireplace. It is important for a homeowner to consider how much they want to do to install the fireplace, so they know what type to purchase.

Wood or gas?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions. A wood fireplace will bring in a traditional, natural feel to the home. However, these will require more maintenance in regard to inspections and cleaning. Also, the homeowner will have to continually buy and haul firewood. A gas fireplace is much easier to operate and to keep clean. Also, gas is considered clean burning, but the ambiance created by a wood fire is something that is hard to beat.

How important is the heat output?

There are some people who are much more concerned with how a fireplace looks, than the output of heat. However, if heat is an important factor, then a ventless gas fireplace may be the best option. This type of unit will put off more heat than the vented and they are easy to maintain. If a person prefers a wood fireplace, then utilizing a fireplace insert will help to increase the amount of heat that is created with this type of unit.

When it is time to install a fireplace, a homeowner needs to think carefully about what they want and need. The fact is, there are more than a few options to consider, so it is a good idea to take the time to answer all these questions. When browsing for fireplaces, make sure to try here, as there are several options to look at.